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UVTEC™ products are manufactured in an integrated way - i.e. lamp and/or other parts are NOT sold separately. If you have a problem with the product, please send the product to our customer service center. After proper repair, you may take the product back and use it again.

After Sales Service Application: Tel. +82-32-876-8743 (ext. 4)
The battery life may vary depending on various conditions including the product model in use and brand & type of the battery used. Generally speaking, a new alkaline battery may last about two months when a user uses the product three times a day.
In case of portable toothbrush sterilizer, it has sterilization function, not drying. When you shake off moisture from the brush enough, it would be softer and drier.

If you are looking for a product with both sterilization AND drying, please click the link below for the details on our Toothbrush & Razor Sterilizer.

Learn More: Toothbrush & Razor Sterilizer >>
Less brightness of the lamp does not mean that sterilization is not working. However, if you feel that the brightness of lamp has weakened considerably, please replace the battery.
Replace the battery with a new one. If the lamp is still not working well, please contact customer center and apply for after sales service.

After Sales Service Application: Tel. +82-32-876-8743 (ext. 4)
The life span of the lamp hired for UVTEC™ portable toothbrush sterilizers is about 20,000 hours. This means the device may be used semi-permanently.

(20,000 hrs = 5 mins a run X approx. 240,000 times)