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After Sales Service

Before Warranty Expiration
For normal case, after sales services will be free of charge for a year after purchase.
When it comes to the products using disposable battery, please be sure to replace current batteries with new ones and test the operation again BEFORE after sales service request. (This has been workes for a number of previous cases.)
In case the product does not work because of customer's disassembly or impact shock, the requested services will be subject to cost charging even before warranty expires.
When it turns out there is no abnormality found after reception of the product, return package will be sent on freight collect basis.
After Warranty Expiration
UVTEC™ will process the repair at a minimal cost. The cost needs to be covered by the service applicant.

After sales service: +82-32-876-8743 (ext. 4)
Email: cs@uvtec.co.kr