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World Best UVTec!
UVTec always puts our customers first.

No.1 in the world in the manufacture of toothbrush sterilizer
UVTec always puts our customers first. In addition, we consider our talented staff as important factor for company growth, and ultimately we try always our best to maximize customer’s satisfaction. UVTec wants to develop products that are essential for clean environment and health of our customers in daily life and to help the health and happiness of individuals and families. To this end, we are concentrating our R & D (Research & Development) capabilities through innovative idea and fresh designs. UVTec is striving for company growth based on strong team work where all the employees are united since customer’s development is our company development as well as individual development. We put all our efforts to develop ourselves and to become the best in our mission under voluntary and creative corporate environment. Ultimately, we are striving for the leading company in the industry.
UVTec always promises to be with you, and we ask for your great interest and support.

UVTec co., ltd
Chang Sun Ahn